Four adult women stand together, smiling and comfortable, outside a yellow house. The women at far left and far right have their arms wrapped around two young children.
A black man stands outside in front of a sign that reads Perry's Joint Cafe. He wears a black tshirt that also says Perry's Joint Cafe.
Four adults are outside in the sunshine, gathered around a gardening project. The man holds a shovel and is digging into the ground, Surrounding him are three women - two are leaning toward the newly created hole with their own gardening tools. One woman stands in the background holding a small spade.
Pasadena Community Foundation connects our community to important causes and enriches the lives of people in the greater Pasadena area.
Four male high school students wearing college-themed sweatshirts stand embracing together in a line, smiling and facing the camera. A woman with a gray sweatshirt stands in the middle of them.
A young Asian woman wearing a green shirt sits on the floor laughing and smiling while holding onto a pit bull type dog. The dog looks directly at the camera, happy and comfortable - it wears a purple bandana and its pink tongue is sticking out.
Two women perform together in a dance against a dramatic black background. One facing the camera has her arms wide open in a graceful dance move; behind her is a woman dipping down toward the floor.
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PCF offers a variety of ways to give today, plan a bequest, or build an endowment for the future.
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PCF invites you to explore our grant programs and expert endowment management services.
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Partner with PCF to provide your clients with clear comparisons of charitable giving options.
What we've done together
Thanks to the generosity of philanthropists who call our community home, PCF continues to thrive and expand its influence.
Total grants funded since 1953
2019-2023 total grant disbursement
Growth rate of total assets over the last 5 years
Funds solely designated to benefit Pasadena area nonprofits
Bequest & endowment donations in 2023
Join PCF in supporting what you love where you live.

News & Events

A theater cast in full costume and makeup and moody light line the stage in rows looking intensely at the camera.

2024 Arts & Culture Grants Announced

Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) is proud to announce the nonprofit recipients for its 2024 Arts & Culture Grant Program. The 16 selected nonprofits represent both emerging and established organizations, and the grants, totaling $302,000, provide flexible support in addressing ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic.  See complete list of 2024 Arts & Culture grantees below….

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A mountain lion walks across a natural path in the mountains and looks directly at the camera from the side. Dramatic clouds, mountains, and blue sky are behind the animal

Coexistence with Cougars – A PCF Grant Will Further That Goal

The Cougar Conservancy, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, is helping to fill a gap in conservation research: It helps humans coexist with cougars. Using science-based management and innovative community outreach programs, the Cougar Conservancy builds awareness, understanding, appreciation, and tolerance of cougars. A recent Animal Welfare Grant from Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) will help the organization…

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Three young women sit closely together, each holding babies on their laps. A toddler is in the foreground playing with a toy.

Perinatal Program at Elizabeth House Gets PCHF Grant Boost

The Elizabeth House is a nonprofit that has been providing comprehensive care and support to women and children in the Pasadena area for 30 years. It is the only organization in Los Angeles and Orange counties that welcomes pregnant mothers and their children under the age of five into their residential program, creating a haven…

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