PCF Is Here for Good – Give Today!

A teal green graphic reads Here for Good 2023 Friends & Fellows Campaign. It includes a photo of a middle age couple sitting closely together and facing/smiling at the camera. Sonia and Neil Singla, 2023 Campaign Co-Chairs

For 70 years, Pasadena Community Foundation’s grantmaking has helped Pasadena-area nonprofit organizations strengthen their missions and serve more clients. We are excited to kick-off our 2023 Friends & Fellows Here for Good campaign in support of PCF’s local grantmaking, and we invite you to join us a champion of local causes.

A green and yellow graphic reads GIVE TODAY and has a yellow outline heart.

Incredible Growth in PCF’s Local Grantmaking

By the end of 2023, PCF will award more than $2 million in grants to over 100 Pasadena-area nonprofits. With generous support from our donors, PCF’s commitment to the community has steadily grown in the Pasadena area:

Pasadena Community Foundation plans to be “Here for Good” for years to come. Please join us in strengthening Pasadena-area nonprofit organizations today.

A green and yellow graphic reads GIVE TODAY and has a jumping/dancing icon person to the right.