A Message to Our Community from Jennifer DeVoll, President & CEO

June 3, 2020 –

In these past weeks we have shared stories of Pasadena’s nonprofit organizations and the extraordinary work they are doing to care for our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now we face a different crisis; one that is heartbreakingly familiar. We have watched demonstrations build across the country in response to the tragic and unjustifiable deaths of American citizens of color. We share this grief, support all voices raised in peaceful protest, and stand in solidarity with every person, organization, and institution working to heal our communities and create a more equitable world.

PCF is proud to support many of the Pasadena nonprofit organizations that have worked for decades to provide food security, stable housing, high-quality education, culturally-competent health care, emotional support, workforce development, fair wages, and more to the vulnerable and under-resourced members of our community. These programs and services are the essential building blocks of social justice.

The better future that we envision is built on the work we do today to provide the resources that all people and communities need to thrive. Compassion and solidarity are critical, but they are not enough. We must continue to support the organizations that protect the vulnerable, advocate for change, educate our youth, and amplify a diversity of voices.

We are listening. We are learning. We are speaking out to express our gratitude to those fighting for change, today and every day.