Who We Are

Established in 1953, the Pasadena Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity created by and for the people of Pasadena. Our six areas of interest are arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services (with a focus on seniors), and youth.

By definition, a community foundation is a publicly supported philanthropic institution that uniquely serves three public segments: donors, the non-profit sector, and the foundation’s designated community as a whole. Dedicated to growth and posterity, PCF is Pasadena’s permanent endowment for public good.

What We Do

Establish Charitable Endowments — We assist individuals, families, professional advisors, and organizations to establish named funds serving a variety of interests and causes.

Invest and Manage Charitable Assets — We build endowment through prudent investment for long-term growth.

Provide Grants to Charitable Organizations — We provide financial support to local non-profits through our grant programs.

Partner with Donors — Our unparalleled knowledge of the nonprofit community aids donors in identifying interests and causes they want to support.

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Our Charitable Partners

PCF works with three primary constituent groups:

Donors — We enable people with philanthropic interests and a commitment to the community to easily and effectively support the issues they care about — in the present, through donations, and in the future, through a planned gift in their wills. Donors — whether individuals, families or organizations — can establish a charitable fund through PCF by contributing a variety of assets; they may also recommend grants be made in their name to specified non-profit groups.

Non-profit Agencies — PCF offers a variety of grant programs for non-profit agencies, large and small, in Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre. PCF’s expert financial advisors provide non-profits with endowment management through our Agency Partner Funds program.

Professional Advisors — PCF can help professional advisors whose clients want to maximize the benefit of their charitable giving. Over the decades, we have maintained a track record of success providing charitable planning options, support and helpful information.

For a timeline of PCF milestones, visit our history page.

To read about how our grant programs are making a real difference, visit our community impact page.


“It feels very good to know the endowment fund we established will go to help people in need in the community. PCF makes sure our money gets to those organizations that need it most.”

— Byron & Dottie Nelson