An Uplifting End to 2021 for PCF Scholars

PCF Board member Greta Mandell, far left, meets with PCF Scholars at the recent Holiday Celebration.

Although 2021 was a tough year for many students throughout the country, it ended with an uplifting Holiday Celebration for the students enrolled in the PCF Scholars Program, which assists graduates from PUSD high schools meet their educational goals at Pasadena City College (PCC). In its three years, the PCF Scholars Program has grown to serve 28 students, including 12 new participants for the 2021-22 schoolyear.

Re/Acquainting with PCC Campus and Resources

On Friday, December 17, 11 of the scholars gathered on PCC’s campus for a gathering hosted by the PCC First Year Experience (FYE) office. The students were joined by PCF Program Director Kate Clavijo, FYE Office Director Brock Klein, PCC counselor Phillip Lantz, PCF Board member Greta Mandell, and nonprofit program partner staff from College Access Plan (CAP), Partnership for Success! and Stars.

After enduring more than 18 months of online instruction and isolation, the students joined for a Holiday Celebration that helped re/acquaint them with the PCC campus and resources. Highlights from the day included a private tour and orientation to the by Jason Barquero, Director of the Freeman Center for Career and Completion, and a visit to the Transfer Center. The Scholars also enjoyed lunch in small groups and received gift cards ($100) and surprise gifts for finding a range of sites on a campus scavenger hunt.

Kate Clavijo points out that because many of the student had never been on the PCC campus before, the event was designed to showcase PCC’s resources in a fun, relaxed manner and create a sense of camaraderie. “The financial and academic support offered by the PCF Scholar Program is helping these students blaze new paths for themselves and their families. Along the way, it is nice to allow them to just relax and enjoy one another’s company. One of my favorite memories of the day was seeing several of the students exchange phone numbers and Instagram account information. Establishing friendships is an important aspect of wellbeing during college and life.”

The sunny December day was perfect for exploring PCC’s campus and learning about its incredible resources for students enrolled in the PCF Scholars Program.