College Women’s Club of Pasadena Scholarship Foundation Reaches $1 Million Milestone in Awards

The College Women’s Club of Pasadena is truly a historic organization. The Club allocates financial aid to approximately 10 full-time students each year who need help completing their college or graduate education.  “What we share as Club members is a passion to give back to the community.  To deliver on that goal, we set up our Scholarship Foundation to assist deserving female students pursuing a college or graduate education,” said Annie Steidl, Club President.  The Club, originally formed in 1921, has 80 current members who raise funds though events, a boutique and donations.

The Club recently made the decision to transfer the scholarship foundation’s $1.2 million endowment to the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF).  So going forward, PCF will manage the endowment and the Club members will continue to raise funds and select scholarship recipients. This partnership will ensure the perpetuity of the Club’s outreach and mission. (Pictured above are, PCF Executive Director, Jennifer DeVoll; Foundation President, Marilyn Siemon-Burgeson and Club President, Annie Steidl)

At their May 3rd awards luncheon, they will award three fellowships and seven scholarships totaling $33,000. The Club’s Foundation has given out over $1 million to support 578 female students attending one of 8 local colleges/universities.

In 2016, these 10 women received awards:


Madison Gilbertson and Megan Cser, both of Fuller Theological Seminary

Sarah Crane of Pacific Oaks College


Jean Abai of Pasadena City College

Jacqueline Postajian and Suthasinee Virnig, both of Glendale Community College

Jasmine Ceron of East Los Angeles Community College

Michelle Kim of Art Center College of Design

Manasa Ashok of Cal Tech

Kayla Currier of Occidental College

Members of the College Women's Club of Pasadena
Members of the College Women’s Club of Pasadena