Create An Endowment

Pasadena Community Foundation donors are as diverse as the community they love and support. They are individuals, families, businesses, and even groups of friends who want to strengthen the community, preserve cultural resources, and help those in need. All have found an avenue for their charitable designs through the Pasadena Community Foundation.

When you join our family of Endowment Builders, you can be confident your money will go where it will do the most good in the community. With PCF’s 60 + years of experience, the impact you have today will not only continue, but grow in years to come.

Steps to Establishing a Named Fund

Creating an endowment is easy. Practically, there are four decisions you’ll need to make, and PCF can assist you if you have any questions during the process.

1) Choose The Type of Endowment

You can “Be 1” and support Pasadena by becoming a PCF Endowment Builder with a named Unrestricted or Field of Interest Endowment. Download our “Be 1” for Pasadena PDF for more information.

UNRESTRICTED FUND — Unrestricted Funds are the backbone of the Foundation. Allocated in support of PCF’s grant making programs, they enable PCF to continue its crucial long-term work in the greater Pasadena area.

FIELD OF INTEREST FUND — Restricted Funds support one of the six areas of interest PCF serves: arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, or youth. The donor decides on the focus.


Create a Named Endowment for an organization you care about, or, provide needy students with financial support.

DESIGNATED CHARITY FUND — Designated Charity Funds are endowments that support a specific charity by providing an annual grant to that charity while the corpus is preserved and invested for long-term growth. The donor specifies how funds are to be used and the Pasadena Community Foundation provides ongoing stewardship and oversight to ensure that the donor’s intentions are fulfilled.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND — Scholarship Funds are created to benefit specific educational institutions or reward excellence in a particular field. They reflect the donor’s interest in supporting the aspirations and capabilities of others in accomplishing worthwhile scientific, athletic, artistic or other goals. The accomplishments of scholarship recipients serve as a tribute to the commitment of the donor. In addition to providing a bright future for young students dependent on financial assistance, scholarship funds can recognize individuals and support treasured values. You can set up a scholarship fund to benefit a specific school or any nonprofit organization. A Scholarship Committee will be appointed to identify the recipient for the scholarship. PCF will manage the annual distribution of funds on your behalf.


2) Name Your Endowment

Funds can be established in your individual name, or in the name of your family. They can pay tribute to a loved one, or a respected mentor or teacher, as a memorial or honor fund. If you prefer, you can also remain anonymous.

3) Decide What To Give

PCF accepts checks, stock, real estate, and a variety of other assets.

4) Decide When to Give

You can set up a fund now or work with your financial advisor to leave a planned gift through your will or trust. Alternatively, you can name a fund as a future beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Those who make provisions to benefit or create a permanent fund through deferred gifts are recognized as members of PCF’s Legacy Society.

Please contact Jennifer DeVoll, at (626) 796-2097 ext. 2 or with any questions or to request our simple fund agreement.


“Growing up in Pasadena, my siblings and I learned from our
parents the importance of community and a mindfulness of
the less fortunate. I know my funds will stay right here in the
area, and have a measurable impact for decades to come.”

— Michelle Tyson