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Many generous donors receive appeals from multiple worthy organizations. In giving to Pasadena Community Foundation, you are helping us support over 200 worthwhile nonprofits in our community.

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Growth. Impact. Collaboration.

Dear Pasadena Community Foundation Supporter,

December will mark my 15th year at the Pasadena Community Foundation. I want to take this opportunity— our annual Friends & Fellows appeal—to express my gratitude to all of you who have supported the Foundation during my tenure.

PCF Board and staff have worked hard to build philanthropic resources to improve and enrich the lives of people. We have engaged in new partnerships to benefit the community. We are proud of our Growth, Impact and Collaboration over the past 15 years.

  • Growth: With your support, we have grown the Foundation from assets of $16 million in 2002 to $75 million. Many of you have created local endowments dedicated to serving greater Pasadena through annual grants, trusting in the power of endowment to address today’s needs and build for the future.
  • Impact: In 2018, we will award more than $1 million to local agencies and scholarship recipients. We have grantee relationships that span over 60 years and have funded new organizations with innovative programs to meet changing needs.
  • Collaboration: PCF has joined with community members to help create the Enduring Heroes Monument honoring local veterans. We partnered with Alibaba Pictures on the “Big Heart Small Film” project to create short films for local non-profits.

Growth…Impact…Collaboration… these accomplishments lead to a rich legacy for Pasadena. Our PCF Friends & Fellows believe in our local focus and provide annual gifts for operations and contributions to create and build our endowment funds.

I am grateful to live in Pasadena, a vibrant, civically engaged and generous community. Thank you for supporting PCF with a year-end gift. Please know how much I appreciate your generosity in supporting our hometown!


Jennifer DeVoll
President & CEO

P.S. – To see a timeline of PCF’s Growth, Impact and Collaboration through the years, click the picture below!

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PCF Fellows are listed on our website, and receive special acknowledgement in the Foundation’s publications. Fellows are also invited to attend special events to honor the work of local nonprofit organizations. Since the program was established in 1994, PCF Fellows have contributed over $2 million to support our local nonprofit community.

  • Foundation Fellow — $500+
  • Supporting Fellow — $1,000+
  • Sponsoring Fellow — $2,500+
  • Distinguished Fellow — $5,000+
  • Esteemed Fellow — $10,000+

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Become a Friend

Every contribution to PCF enables us to continue our efforts to make Pasadena a better place to live and work. The names of PCF Friends are listed on our website.

  • Friend $1 – $499

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To learn more about becoming a PCF Friend or Fellow, please contact Dan Maljanian, Director of Development, at (626) 796-2097 ext. 8 or

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“Some people can’t give much but everybody can give something…so my philosophy has always been just get out there and do it.”

— Lily Ruth Ealy