The Uookaa Foundation

The Uookaa Foundation was established by Fred Wesley and Alison Snow in memory of their son Walker Wesley, who died suddenly on March 7, 2021 at age 31. “Uookaa,” pronounced “Wah-kah,” is Walker’s creative spelling of a nickname he acquired from a young child living down the street who had difficulty pronouncing the L and…

Garfield Gilbert Family Endowment

The Garfield Gilbert Family Endowment was created from a bequest from the estate of Doris Gilbert Sloan. This field of interest endowment fund supports Pasadena Community Foundation’s local grantmaking in the areas of animal welfare and education.

A Rainy Day Endowment Fund

A Rainy Day Fund is a Field of Interest Endowment fund established by Christine Sisley. The fund supports PCF’s local grants in the areas of animal welfare, services for veterans of the United States military, and programs and services for people with physical disabilities due to injury or illness. The fund’s name was inspired by…

The Shabby Dog Rescue Fund

            The Shabby Dog Rescue Fund is working to support 501c3 dog rescue organizations. Each year in the United States, millions of pets end up in shelters and close to half of them are euthanized! Shelters and rescue organizations work tirelessly to address this problem but they need more assistance….