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Bob & Arlene Harder Endowment

Bob & Arlene Harder
Bob & Arlene Harder

“Giving is something we always did,” said Arlene Harder*.  “My husband Bob and I felt incredibly grateful and blessed for all that we have, and it was important we give a portion of our income to people less fortunate.”

For years, Bob and Arlene Harder provided funding to several large national organizations.  However, they were concerned their donations were not making a meaningful impact in the lives of people who most needed help.

Arlene spoke with her attorney, Karl Swaidan at Hahn and Hahn, who suggested that the Pasadena Community Foundation could help meet her need to make a local impact.  Arlene did some investigating and found the Foundation really understood the needs of the local community, and was a strong supporter of a number vibrant nonprofits in Pasadena.

In early 2015, she established the Bob and Arlene Harder Endowment Fund through the Pasadena Community Foundation. The endowment is a PCF Endowment Builder fund and will provide unrestricted support for PCF’s local grantmaking programs in the Pasadena area for years to come.

*Arlene Harder passed away in 2022

Endowments are the cornerstone of PCF’s mission to build hometown legacies. The corpus of each endowed fund is invested with PCF’s portfolio for long-term growth. Each year, the endowments generate the funds that support PCF’s local grantmaking, which enriches the arts community, protects our environment, provides health care and critical social services, and bolsters public education in Pasadena. Endowments are permanent legacies for our community; these funds will continue to grow and provide philanthropic support forever. Learn more about creating an endowment at PCF.

Created 2015

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