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College Women’s Club of Pasadena Scholarship Foundation

Members of the College Women's Club of Pasadena
Members of the College Women’s Club of Pasadena

Founded in 1921, the College Women’s Club of Pasadena is truly a historic organization. The Club’s Scholarship Foundation allocates financial aid to approximately 10 full-time students each year who need financial help completing their college or graduate education. Over its lifetime, CWCPSF has granted out $1,078,000 to 586 women. The Club has 80 current members who raise funds though events, a boutique and donations.

In 2016, the Club made the decision to transfer the scholarship foundation’s $1.2 million endowment to the Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF). Going forward, PCF will manage the endowment and the Club members will continue to raise funds and select scholarship recipients. This partnership will ensure the perpetuity of the Club’s outreach and mission.

In 2017, these 10 women received awards for the 2017-18 school year:


Madison Gilbertson, Angela DuPont, and Lauren Ahlquist, Fuller Theological Seminary


Vivian Moreno, Art Center College of Design

Maitreyl Ashok, Caltech

Taylor Kim and Destiny Torres, East Los Angeles Community College

Shushanik Gabrielyan of Glendale Community College

Pavlina Slezak and Anthea Taeuber, Occidental College

College Women’s Club of Pasadena Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship/Fellowship Guidelines

Next application cycle for the 2018-19 school year opens in late Fall 2017.

This Program is only for Full-Time Women Students at the Following Schools:

Art Center College of Design, California Institute of Technology, East Los Angeles College, Fuller Theological Seminary (Schools of Psychology & Sociology), Glendale Community College, Occidental College, Pacific Oaks College & Pasadena City College.

Minimum Requirements:

Women Undergraduates must by Sophomores or beyond, enrolled full-time, taking 12 or more units and moving to Junior or Senior status. Women Graduate students must fulfill their school’s full-time requirements.

A GPA of 3.2 or above and United States citizenship are required.