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Enduring Heroes Memorial on Defenders Parkway

Enduring Heroes pays tribute to Pasadena’s warrior heroes who gave their lives serving our country, and builds awareness and appreciation for our veterans and Armed Service members. The Enduring Heroes Memorial sits on Defenders Parkway at the corner of Orange Grove and Colorado Boulevards in Pasadena. The eight-foot bronze sculpture depicts a soldier triumphantly waving the United States flag and bears the names of 11 Hometown Heroes who gave their lives to protect our nation. Created by local sculptor Christopher Slatoff, the monument is the result of an intensive planning and design process led by the Enduring Heroes committee and a group of Pasadena Gold Star families. It was dedicated on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017.

Enduring Heroes continues its mission to honor warrior heroes and recognize Greater Pasadena’s local veterans. We provide improvements and ongoing maintenance for the monument and grounds, lay memorial wreaths and host special events, and plan to launch an Enduring Heroes website to educate visitors about the monument and the heroes who gave their lives to keep us safe.

Sculptor Christopher Slatoff

Watch a video about the project below.


The primary goals for Enduring Heroes are:

  • Pay permanent tribute to our warrior heroes as well as living veterans from the Wars on Terror since September 11, 2011. More than 700 have fallen from California, by far the most of any state, 72 from San Gabriel Valley and 11 from Pasadena.
  • Continue to provide Pasadena and its surrounding communities with a magnificent sculpture by a noted artist. The Enduring Heroes monument is a permanent landmark in Pasadena in a beautiful park appropriately named Defenders Parkway. It is maintained through the efforts of the Enduring Heroes committee and its supporters.
  • Enable Southern California, especially the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena communities, to take a leadership role in building awareness for our Armed Service members. This ongoing reminder is critical in a nation where less than one half of one percent of the population serves in our country’s military. Enduring Heroes will work to pay tribute to our warrior heroes, build awareness for our veterans and the many worthy programs for them, and share our gratitude for those who have served and fought.
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