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Josephine H. Drummond Endowment

Jo Drummond with her friend Mark Brower

The Josephine H. Drummond Endowment provides unrestricted support for PCF’s local grantmaking programs.

A Varied and Impactful Professional Life

Jo’s upbringing as the daughter of Rear Admiral Robert S. Hatcher was influenced by the military and was formative in molding her life dedicated to the service of others.

Jo always ensured to prioritize her education. She attended several universities, including UCLA, Long Beach State College, and Mount St. Mary’s College, all in the Los Angeles area. Jo displayed extraordinary effort to attend UCLA: Prior to the construction of the 405 Freeway, she drove from the Naval Weapons Center in Seal Beach along the Pacific Coast Highway to reach campus.

Jo’s early career was with the U.S. Navy Department of Aeronautics as an Administrative Assistant in locations that included Long Beach, California; Washington, D.C.; and Trenton, New Jersey. She then held a range of positions that included a Construction Specifications Consultant, Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank Real Property Management, Head of Construction and Specifications at Gruen Associates, and Specifications Writer and Mechanical Drafter Moffatt & Nichol Engineers.

Jo’s achievements were driven by her personal code of ethics. Her personal dedication and involvement in the development of curriculum and educational processes of local universities, architectural firms, construction firms, and trade associations were phenomenal. Thousands of architects, developers, building owners, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, and building officials were empowered by her work. Jo was an exceptional organizer and time manager. She gave the term “in search of excellence” a whole new meaning!

Jo passed away at her home on February 12, 2021. Her family, her community, the construction industry, All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, and others were truly blessed by her service.

The Power of Endowment
Endowments are the cornerstone of PCF’s mission to build hometown legacies. The corpus of each endowed fund is invested with PCF’s portfolio for long-term growth. Each year, the endowments generate the funds that support PCF’s local grantmaking, which enriches the arts community, protects our environment, provides health care and critical social services, and bolsters public education in Pasadena. Endowments are permanent legacies for our community; these funds will continue to grow and provide philanthropic support forever. Learn more about creating an endowment at PCF.

Created May 2021


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