Pasadena Community Foundation Funds

Luke and Allyson Copeland Endowment for Education

Luke & Ally Copeland

When Rick and Mariver Copeland’s twins were 5, they envisioned a way to bring philanthropy into their lives as more than just an abstract ideal. An endowment with the Pasadena Community Foundation in the children’s names seemed like a great way of educating them on how altruism is put into action.

Jim and Sandy Copeland, Rick’s parents helped establish the fund. Said Jim: “When Rick and Mariver suggested we establish the Luke and Allyson Fund for Education to help the twins learn first-hand the benefits of charitable giving, we thought it was a wonderful idea — for our grandchildren, and for the Pasadena community.”

Rick and Mariver are committed to growing the endowment so when the twins are old enough, they will appreciate the power of investing in the community and helping others.

This named field of interest endowment supports PCF’s education grantmaking.