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Grant Recognition Guidelines

Pasadena Community Foundation publicizes its grants through media relations and feature stories in our publications and on our website. We encourage nonprofit agencies to share photos of grant projects with us so that we can showcase your good work.

PCF can help publicize your grant and your activities by:

  • Highlighting interesting grant stories through the PCF website, newsletter, and annual report.
  • Sending a representative to grant-related events, at your request (not required).
  • Providing acknowledgement language and Foundation logos for your use as needed (see below).

Grants from the Pasadena Community Foundation are made possible by generous donors to PCF’s unrestricted and field of interest funds since the organization was founded in 1953. Public recognition of the grant, and thereby of all donors to the Foundation, is very important to encourage future contributions to this permanent community resource.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

We appreciate acknowledgement of your grant from Pasadena Community Foundation in whatever ways are within your organization’s communications capabilities. We encourage you to send us press releases or copies of publications or media coverage that mention your grant.

We have provided a “Grantee Organization” logo for use in your newsletter or other communications vehicles. We encourage you to use this logo, or a standard PCF logo, with the written acknowledgement, where suitable.

Acknowledging Your Grant

Please use the following language to acknowledge your PCF grant:

This project was funded [or funded in part] by a grant from the Pasadena Community Foundation. 

Please always refer to the Foundation as the “Pasadena Community Foundation.” You may use “PCF” on second reference.

Foundation Description

If you need a description of the Foundation, please use the following:

Founded in 1953, the Pasadena Community Foundation is an advocate for local philanthropy and is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the greater Pasadena area. The Foundation helps donors maximize the impact of their charitable contributions — strengthening the community, preserving cultural resources, and assisting those in need.

PCF Logo Downloads

Please click on the following links to download high and/or low resolution images. You may use the version that best fits your publication needs, but please preserve the original colors, place the logo upright, and do not alter the logo in any way.

Grantee Organization Logo:

Pasadena Community Foundation logo high-resolution formats:


Contact Information — If you have any questions about publicizing your grant, please contact Allie Carreon at (626) 796-2097 x102 or If you need different formats/sizes of PCF logos or have questions about their use, please contact Sarah Hilbert, Marketing & Communications Manager, (626) 796-2097 x108 or

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