Grantee Spotlight: Pasadena BioScience Collaborative

Serving as the only nonprofit biotechnology research lab in the greater Pasadena area, Pasadena BioScience Collaborative is a non-profit organization focused on educational and training opportunities for potential future employees in the sector.

Its incubator facilities feature shared equipment and office space designed to support small start-up companies and develop a highly skilled workforce in the sciences. Even local high school students benefit from Pasadena Bio’s educational outreach and work force development programs thanks to its partnership with the Amgen Biotech Experience. 

Bud Bishop, Pasadena Bio’s President, is grateful that PCF’s support will allow his facility to upgrade shared-use genetic sequencing equipment, which will benefit current and future researchers/tenants in developing cutting-edge biotech opportunities for the local community:  “We are very appreciative of the generous grant from Pasadena Community Foundation, which will help purchase another valuable scientific instrument to be used by many of our start-up companies. This equipment is easy to use and will more quickly and accurately determine the nucleic acid sequence of a test sample. It will also be helpful in attracting additional tenants to help us grow in the future.”