Create An Endowment: Be 1

PCF’s “Be 1 in 100” Campaign was a great success! The Foundation now has more than 100 Endowment Builders – people and organizations who have established a permanent fund benefiting their community. These hometown legacies collectively support local nonprofits through PCF’s grant making program.

Be 1 … who supports homeless services
Be 1 … who invests in the environment
Be 1 … who believes in the “Power of Endowment”
Be 1 … who leaves a legacy for Pasadena
Be 1 … of PCF’s Endowment Builders

Pasadena Community Foundation is excited to put out a call to those with a philanthropic heart and a passion for Pasadena.

Our goal is to continue to continue to increase our annual grants to the charitable organizations in our community, enabling us to meet critical needs and making the greatest difference in our community. PCF gives broadly, serving areas of interest such as arts, education and the environment, as well as senior and youth populations. Increasing the number of our Endowment Builders will dramatically support this effort! Partner with us to build your hometown legacy — and ensure the future of the Pasadena we love.

Read about how Hal and Marguerite Hennacy decided to “Be 1”
and leave a lasting legacy in Pasadena.

Benefits to creating a named endowment


PCF offers different types of funds to help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Affordable Commitment

$10,000, or $5,000 over two years.


Paperwork is minimal, and once your fund is established, PCF assumes administrative and record keeping duties.

Tax Benefits

Setting up a charitable fund through PCF gives you maximum tax benefits as the donor.

Tax Filings

All accounting aspects of charitable giving are handled by PCF, including the filing of a tax return for the fund.

Proven Track Record

PCF currently manages more than $80 million in charitable assets.

Steps to Establishing a Named Fund

Creating an endowment is easy. There are basically four decisions you’ll need to make and PCF can assist you should you have any questions during the process.

1) Choose The Type of Fund You Want

You make the decision where your money goes. You can choose to have PCF delegate distribution by greatest need, or you can select the type of endowment fund that represents your specific interests.

UNRESTRICTED FUND — Unrestricted Funds are the backbone of the Foundation. Allocated in support of PCF’s grant making programs, they enable PCF to continue its crucial long-term work in the greater Pasadena area.

FIELD OF INTEREST FUND — Restricted Funds support one or mre of the six areas of interest PCF serves: arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services, youth. The donor decides on the focus.

If you are interested in designating a fund for a specific charity or creating a scholarship fund, please click here for more information.


2) Name Your Fund

Funds can be established in your individual name, or in the name of your family. They can pay tribute to a loved one, or a respected mentor or teacher, as a memorial or honor fund. You can also remain anonymous if you prefer.

4) Decide When to Give

You can set up a fund now or work with your financial advisor to leave a planned gift through your will or trust. Alternatively, you can name a fund as a future beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. Those who make provisions to benefit or create a permanent fund through deferred gifts are recognized as members of our Legacy Society.

Please contact Jennifer DeVoll at (626) 796-2097 ext. 2 or with any questions or to request our simple fund agreement.


“We chose to dedicate our endowment to healthcare as a way to support PCF’s work in this vital area, and to say thank you for the benefits to our family over the years.”

— Jim & Priscilla Gamb
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