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Volunteers prepare food bags for homebound senior clients at Pasadena Senior Center

Endowment Builders

Join PCF’s Family of Endowment Builders — local philanthropists committed to shaping a better future for the greater Pasadena community.

PCF Endowment Builders are people who love our community and who have chosen to invest in the future with a named endowment. Their gifts provide flexibility for the PCF’s local grantmaking and the long-term sustainability that ensures the Foundation can meet not only the current needs of our community, but the needs of tomorrow as well.

PCF offers two ways to structure your endowment:

  • Restricted — Allows you to designate your support to one or more of PCF’s six areas of interest: Arts & Culture, Community & Economic Development, Environment & Animal Welfare, Health & Safety, Human Services, and Youth & Education
  • Unrestricted —  Supports PCF’s grantmaking at the Foundation’s discretion 

Restricted: Supporting a Field of Interest

The following funds support one or more fields of interest in our community as designated by the donor.

  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment & Animal Welfare

    Endowments that support the Environment & Animal Welfare field of interest can be designated to support causes like wildlife habitats, parks & gardens, clean energy/recycling, pets, service animals, and more.

    Bill & Claire Bogaard Endowment
    Matthew & Jennifer DeVoll Endowment
    Garfield Gilbert Family Endowment for Animals
    PCF Environment Endowment
    Virginia & Christopher Orndorff Endowment

  • Community & Economic Development

    Endowments that support the Community & Economic Development field of interest can be designated to support causes like disaster recovery, affordable housing, job training, and more.

    PCF’s newest new field of interest was established in 2021.

    Shrivastava Family Endowment

  • Health & Safety

    Endowments that support the Health & Safety field of interest can be designated to support causes like physical and mental health, prevention, medical research, recovery, domestic violence, and more.

    John & Lucille Crumb Endowment for Medical Research
    Jim & Priscilla Gamb Endowment for Healthcare
    Phillip & Lois Matthews Endowment for Health
    Marjory E. & Harold B. Reichert Endowment for Health
    PCF Health Endowment

  • Human Services
  • Youth & Education
  • Mulitiple Areas
  • Unrestricted: Supporting the Place You Call Home

    The following funds benefit PCF’s local grant making.

  • List of Current Unrestricted Endowments

    Anonymous Endowment (2)
    Margaret L. Amos Endowment
    Dorothy Avakian Endowment
    Guil & Gwen Babcock Endowment
    Joseph W. Barta Endowment
    Bailey & Barbara Bishop Endowment
    Rena J. Bruce Endowment
    Elizabeth Brown Calleton Endowment
    Bob & Maureen Carlson Endowment 
    Scott & Allison Christopher Family Endowment
    Clark Foundation Fund
    Carl W. & Lynn Cooper Endowment 
    Josephine H. Drummond Endowment
    O.K. Earl Endowment
    Kimberly Ebner Endowment
    Eleven Twenty Seven Endowment (Trustee, Temo Arjani)
    Fred & Jean Felberg Endowment
    Fornaciari Family Endowment
    Stephanie Fox Endowment
    Richard & Mary Alice Frank Endowment
    Judith Gain Endowment
    James Gamble Endowment
    Donald & Taylor Hall Endowment
    Bob & Arlene Harder Endowment 
    Headley Family Endowment Fund
    Hal & Marguerite Hennacy Endowment
    Betty Jean Ho Endowment
    Jean Hubbard Endowment
    Roger & Candis Ipswitch Endowment
    Bryan & Debi Jacobs Endowment
    George & Maggie Jagels Family Endowment
    Bernard & Mary Johnson Endowment
    John & Jennith Knox Family Endowment
    Virginia Krueger Endowment
    Elizabeth Lent Endowment
    Helen B. Lockett Endowment
    Bill & Patti Loitz Endowment
    Al & Rose Marie Lowe Endowment
    The McAniff Family Endowment
    Sati & Ram Manvi Endowment
    Ruth Stuart Martin Endowment
    Katherine Mason Endowment
    Linda & Elliott Mazur Foundation Endowment
    David & Margaret Mgrublian Endowment
    Lauren G. Millis Endowment
    G. Arnold & Gretl Mulder Endowment
    Wendy Munger & Leonard Gumport Endowment
    Dottie & Byron Nelson Endowment
    Maria Antonia Niven Endowment
    Nix/Stahl Family Endowment
    Opel Family Endowment
    Peggy Phelps Endowment
    Dorothy J. Philips Endowment
    Sterling Pile Endowment
    Pitzer Family Endowment
    Willian J. Prisk Endowment
    Reith Endowment
    William T. Reynolds Endowment
    The Vicky & David Rogers Endowment
    Cynthia P. Rosedale Endowment
    Lucille L. Roseman Endowment
    Schneickert-Otamura Endowment
    Nan & Howard Schow Endowment 
    H. Diane Scott Endowment
    John & Linda Seiter Endowment
    Sara Brady Shatford Endowment
    Joel & Jil Sheldon Endowment
    Rosemary “Rary” Simmons Endowment
    Neil and Sonia Singla Endowment
    Dorothy I. Stewart Endowment
    Philip A. Swan Endowment
    Ara and Armineh Tavitian
    Philip V. & Sara Lee Swan Endowment
    John & Shirley Thomas Endowment
    Maria & Terry Tornek Endowment Fund
    Sid & Betsey Tyler Endowment
    Tyson / Hagopian Family Endowment
    Louis & Marion Webb Endowment
    John & Judy Whiting Endowment
    Helen L. Wilfong Endowment
    Randolph & Judith Wilson Endowment

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