Pasadena Humane Grows Pet Food Pantry with PCF Funding

Two women stand at a table with large pet food bags conversing. One is wearing a green shirt that says Pasadena Humane, and the other is facing her, holding a number of bags.

Preventing shelter surrender is an important goal at Pasadena Humane. Thanks to a recent Animal Welfare Grant from Pasadena Community Foundation, the organization can help keep pets with the people who love them by expanding the reserves of its Helping Paws Pet Food Pantry.

The Helping Paws program distributes free pet food and supplies – including cat litter and flea medication – to 1,049 pets (and their parents) enrolled in the program. Those served by the pantry are typically low-income or unhoused pet owners who are in danger of having to give up their beloved companions due to financial difficulties or changes in housing circumstances.

In an underground parking garage, a young woman leans into the back of a black car to load a large bag of pet food. A dog in the backseat watches on, as do a few other volunteers.
The Helping Paws Pet Food Pantry at Pasadena Humane is held every other month and operates primarily as a drive-through service in the organization’s underground parking area.

This summer, PCF’s grant will help Pasadena Humane purchase and distribute 12,560 pounds of dog and cat food. According to Izzie Gomez, the Helping Paws Community Resources Coordinator, PCF’s grant has also allowed the organization to expand and provide a consistent supply of wet food for pets that have trouble eating dry food.

The food pantry is just one way that Pasadena Humane supports lower-income pet parents with compassionate care. It also offers free and low-cost spay/neuter and vaccines, as well as an animal support call center. Visit the Pasadena Humane website to learn about all the ways the organization offers pet assistance.

In an underground, somewhat dark parking garage, a woman with her back to the camera lifts a large green bag of dog food into a dark-colored car. A pit bull dog looks out the car window directly at her, and to the left is the pet owner, a smiling man looking back at the dog.
With PCF’s Animal Welfare Grant, Pasadena Humane can purchase and distribute 12,560 pounds of dog and cat food in 2023.