Casa de las Amigas Steps up Assistance to Women Thanks to PCF Grant

Pasadena Community Foundation has been a proud, long-term supporter of the team at Casa de las Amigas and the work they are doing to help women recover and live the lives they were meant to lead. They help women such as Heather.

Heather (pictured 2nd from left) was a licensed family therapist, but also suffered from depression and drug addiction. At Casa de las Amigas, she found the community of support and the structure she needed for her recovery.  “The staff here at Casa is amazing, providing wonderful guidance and lots of love.”

Heather is now a part-time therapist at Casa de las Amigas, helping many of the 71 women there who are beginning their own recovery process.  Heather radiates positive energy and is an inspiration to the women she works with.

Since 1973, the Foundation has provided Casa de las Amigas with $263,000 in support.  Most recently, PCF donated $25,000 to help purchase a van to drive the women to doctor appointments, job placements, and recreational outings; it has already made a huge difference in the lives of the women staying at Casa de las Amigas.  It’s an organization working hard to make our community better and stronger.