PCF Charitable Gift Annuity Spotlight: Sandy Greenstein & the Pasadena Senior Center

Sandy moved to Pasadena back in 1988 while she was in her 40’s and has always looked for opportunities to give back to the community. One of the first places she looked into was the Pasadena Senior Center (Sandy is pictured above, left, with PSC Executive Director Akila Gibbs). She thought it was a wonderful resource, and one day, in the distant future, she might need the services they provide. Sandy has been providing small annual gifts to the Senior Center over the years, and in 2010 she was invited to be on the board.

“I love the services provided by the Senior Center,” said Sandy. “I found guidance for how to care for my parents; and when I needed to provide a caregiver for my husband, they were a huge help. I enjoy the Masters Series Lifelong Learning talks they give at the Center, where experts come in to speak about a broad range of important topics, and the Center’s support for food insecure seniors in Pasadena through a partnership with the Food Bank. I also appreciate the gym, which has instructors who are tuned in to older users of exercise equipment, and their telephone reassurance program.”

Recently, Sandy heard the Pasadena Community Foundation offers Charitable Gift Annuities for the benefit of Pasadena’s nonprofits. As chair of the Board’s development committee, Sandy wants to take the lead in supporting the Senior Center’s planned giving program while also kicking off the CGA program for the community.

This is a way for her to make a meaningful donation to the Senior Center right now, and receive and secure fixed income for herself for life.  “It’s an opportunity to help elders who are in need now and plan for myself down the road,” said Sandy. “I feel I am investing in my own future by supporting the Senior Center now. I gain a tax deduction on a portion of the initial gift, and any fees benefit the Pasadena Community Foundation, so it’s a win-win.”

“Pasadena is a vibrant community, with so many people involved in helping those in need,” said Sandy. “It’s a great place to live at any age.”  And seniors in Pasadena are a little better off thanks to Sandy.