PCF Endowment Builders Empower Local Students’ Success

We have superheroes among us, students who head to school each day to learn new skills, make friends, seek nurturing teachers, and set goals for their futures.

It takes a village to champion young students’ success and pick them up when adversity arises. Pasadena Community Foundation’s generous Endowment Builders do just that by creating sustainable support for Youth & Education, one of PCF’s six Fields of Interest that guide the Foundation’s grant making to Pasadena-area nonprofits. PCF Youth & Education Endowments are a powerful and sustainable investment that uplifts underserved students and empowers their success within educational settings.

A history of sustainable Support for Youth & Education 

Over the course of PCF’s nearly 70-year history, Youth & Education has been one of the Foundation’s most supported areas of grant making. To date, PCF has awarded more than $13 million to community organizations that specifically provide services in Youth & Education, and 31 of PCF’s 135 Endowment Builder Funds benefit organizations in this area of interest.

When you invest in your passion for education as a PCF Endowment Builder, it allows the Foundation to support organizations that create enduring impact on students from preschool through college. Endowments facilitate the innovative PCF Scholars Program, provide long-term support for the K-12 Education Grant Program, fund countless scholarships, and so much more.

PCF’s Top-Funded Organizations in Youth & Education

Endowments are the gift that gives forever. The organizations listed below illustrate that point: They are PCF’s top-five most funded organizations, to date, in the area of Youth & Education, each one benefiting from the long-term, sustainable support of the Foundation’s endowments. The investment and generosity of PCF Endowment Builders impacts generations.

  1. Pasadena Educational Foundation (PEF)
    First PCF grant: 1974
    Total  Support from PCF Endowments: $1.7 million
  2. Pasadena City College Foundation
    First PCF grant: 1981
    Total support from PCF Endowments: $752,000
  3. Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena
    First PCF grant: 1954
    Total support from PCF Endowments: $700,000
  4. Learning Works
    First PCF grant: 2005
    Total support from PCF Endowments: $363,000
  5. Frostig School
    First PCF grant: 1987
    Total support from PCF Endowments: $200,500
Invest in youth. Empower their education. Become a PCF Endowment Builder.