PCF Endowment Builders Shape Pasadena’s Future

Your Endowment. Your Passions. Your Pasadena.

Three simple phrases hold significant promise for our community’s future with the help of Pasadena Community Foundation.

PCF’s mission is powered by endowments. The Foundation is able to support an impressive range of causes and organizations now and in the future because local philanthropists – people just like you – decided to invest in their passions and elevate the potential of our community. They created a gift that gives forever.

This spring, PCF invites you to establish a named endowment and join our family of 135 Endowment Builders – local philanthropists who are committed to shaping a better future for the greater Pasadena community. For nearly 70 years, PCF has established the knowledge, connections, and leadership to ensure that your gift is used as you intend and that the needs and community you care about are supported. PCF guides your philanthropy to be personal, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Funds from PCF Endowment Builders support a broad range of causes. For example, in just the last year, PCF endowments supported our incredible COVID-19 response, PCF Scholars, the K-12 Education Grant Program, and new Habitat for Humanity construction to house homeless individuals, among many other initiatives.
Learn More about PCF Endowment Builders

Learn more here about how you can create your own named endowment with Pasadena Community Foundation. Then, stay tuned in the coming weeks as we share the ways in which endowments have supported the Foundation’s mission. We will showcase individuals who have turned to PCF to create a lasting legacy, as well as organizations that have benefited from the generosity of PCF Endowment Builders.

This spring, join Pasadena Community Foundation as an Endowment Builder and invest in our community, elevate its future, and build your hometown legacy.