PCF Grant Helps Cancer Support Community with Move to New Offices

When Licia (pictured above)was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2005, she had no idea how to deal with her illness. “I was just starting treatment, my friends and family were frightened for me, my husband had died of cancer, and I was truly scared,” said Licia.

A friend of Licia told her about the Cancer Support Community Pasadena (CSCP), so she went. “The team at CSCP very carefully started to direct me towards hope. I needed education, and at CSCP I was able to meet with trained therapists, as well as patients going through similar circumstances.  The team at CSCP provided the information I needed regarding my medical choices, and I became an informed patient advocate, able to make better decisions. With the help of my support group, I was slowly moving beyond my fears.”

A couple of years later, Licia returned to CSCP to be part of the survivorship community. In addition to support groups, CSCP offers more than a hundred educational workshops and stress management classes each month, including art, yoga, and even bead making. Licia became a substitute yoga class instructor for CSCP and continues to be involved with the organization as a volunteer and a fundraiser.

The Cancer Support Community Pasadena provides emotional support and guidance for patients like Licia, as well as their families and caregivers, to help them better deal with cancer. They have proven that getting people actively involved in dealing with their cancer will improve the quality of their life. All programs are free of charge, and nearly 1,000 people in the Pasadena area come to CSCP each year. The Pasadena Community Foundation recently awarded a Capital Grant to Cancer Support to support a move to their new location at 76 East Del Mar Blvd., Suite 215. These new offices provide more space for their programs and greater comfort for their clients.