PCF Grantee PCDA Invests in their Future with Creation of Agency Endowment

When Casey was a toddler, he had challenges dealing with other children as well as adults. He was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and his mother Kelly began trying various therapies, with little success. Four years ago, she found Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) and Casey and his mom have been coming several times a week ever since.  “Casey was a kid who could not relate to others,” said Kelly. “Now he’s 15, and I’ve seen him blossom since coming here. He has an amazing ear for music and can now play melodies by ear in several different keys. He has gained confidence and is so happy. PCDA has been our saving grace.”

Casey and his therapist Alaina have worked together for the past four years, focusing on music and improving his language and social skills. Casey could not wait to talk about his experience at PCDA, “I love music, and my teacher Aliana is so nice, and I like all the kids here to play with.” (Pictured above: Kelly, her son Casey and PCDA therapist, Alaina)

PCDA serves over 1,000 children each year with autism and other developmental challenges. There are 80 people on staff and the team creates a tailored approach for each child’s unique needs, mostly through one on one therapy. PCDA also works to create partnerships with parents to support the overall success of the family.

The Pasadena Community Foundation has long been a supporter of PCDA because of the important work the organization does for the community. PCDA recently set up an endowment with the Pasadena Community Foundation.  “We want to ensure the great work being done at PCDA continues for many years to come,” said Dr. Diane Cullinane, co-founder and Executive Director.  “PCF understands our needs, and I am confident our endowment will be well managed.”

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