PCF Grants Money to Friends in Deed for Critical Freezer

Among their many helpful programs, Friends in Deed runs a food bank in Pasadena, and they were in need of a large freezer to enhance their food storage capacity. PCF provided $3,700 in 2015 to help them buy a large commercial freezer. Donna Byrns, Friends in Deed Executive Director said, “We often had to refuse food donations because we didn’t have the capacity to hold them. Now we can take in badly needed protein like chicken, fish, and beef and have it ready for people when they need it.” This is a great example of how a small grant can make a big impact11709768_1032826710063618_1657457300893312286_n.

In addition to the food bank, Friends in Deed runs Pasadena’s Bad Weather Shelter. The shelter is usually open from just after Thanksgiving until the first of March. This year, the shelter takes on even more importance with El Nino upon us. Even though the rain hasn’t appeared in the quantity that Southern California residents might prefer, the shelter has already been open more nights so far this season than all of last season. There is still a big threat of rain coming in February and March, so the shelter has to be ready. Ms. Byrns said that this year, the shelter will be open until at least the end of March to help those in need through the worst of the storms.

PCF is grateful to Friends in Deed for the work they do to help the less fortunate in our community.

For more information on Friends in Deed’s programs, please click here.