PCF Helps HMRI Purchase Freezer to Aid Research

The scientists at Huntington Medical Research Institute (HMRI) engage in important work over a wide range of medical issues, including brain, liver, cardiovascular, and general cell & tissue biology research – right here in Pasadena. In support of that work, the scientists require specialized freezers to preserve tissue samples donated by volunteers. In 2016, PCF provided HRMI with a $12,112 grant to help provide more storage. (Freezer pictured above with HMRI staff and scientists.)

“Every HMRI research division depends upon safe, reliable, and effective storage of human tissue samples for longitudinal study over many years,” said Dr. Marie Csete, President & Chief Scientist at HMRI. “As the number of research projects continued to rise, we began running out of storage space. Thanks to the grant from PCF we were able to increase storage by adding an additional freezer.”

“These specialized freezers preserve cells and tissue with ultra-low temperature storage, theHMRI logo 174-K only effective means to store tissue without damaging the cells,” Dr. Csete added. “Ultra-low, really means ultra-low: biomedical-grade freezers stay at a steady -86° C – that’s -122.8 degrees Fahrenheit! – ensuring that research can be conducted over the long term period needed. Cells stored properly in this equipment can be revived and expanded for research. Human tissue can be queried for gene expression studies. This PCF gift is an essential way for us to honor HMRI’s wonderful research volunteers.”

The Pasadena Community Foundation is proud to support HMRI and their important research – research that impacts people’s health both locally and beyond.