PCF’s New Look

PCF’s website (left) as launched in 2015, and (right) after its makeover which includes a simpler menu, reorganized content and a brighter color palette.

If you’ve visited the Pasadena Community Foundation in the past, our new look will be evident. The most significant changes: more imagery, a new color scheme and an easier navigation process.

“We didn’t need to start from scratch because the website built in 2015 had good bones,” says Mike deHilster, Program Officer for Pasadena Community Foundation (PCF) who was involved in the website restructuring process. “We wanted to make it simpler for visitors to quickly navigate the large amount of content on the site. We also wanted the site to feel lighter and brighter.”

Visitors interested in specific sections of interest (e.g. options for giving, grant information and resources) can use a new menu feature that allows quick switching between pages.

In addition to translating the depth of the Foundation’s reach into a simple functional framework, the site incorporates lighter weight fonts and a new blue and green color scheme. The home page features large, attention-grabbing photographs that depict Pasadena and the many types of nonprofit activities PCF supports. Areas for special posts and promotions were also added.

As it did previously, the home page clearly directs the three audiences PCF serves: nonprofit organizations seeking grants; donors looking to create personal and/or legacy funds; and professional advisors who are looking for specific financial vehicles for clients.

Elsewhere on the site, deHilster is particularly proud of the “Our Mission” page  which offers an animated timeline of historic events and PCF milestones along with embedded videos.

deHilster believes that regular visitors to PCF’s refreshed website will notice small changes that really make a big difference.