Union Station Gets Green Transportation Thanks to PCF Grant

As part of their daily work, employees at Union Station Homeless Services often need to drive clients from low-cost housing to critical doctor’s appointments and other errands. While Union Station had a few vehicles for staff use, some staff used their own vehicles in a pinch to make sure that clients got the service that they needed. Union Station didn’t want their employees to have to do that, so they asked PCF for a $25,000 grant to help fund a new car for staff use. But not just any car – they purchased an eco-friendly Chevy Volt (pictured above).

Over the last few years, Union Station has made an effort to green their operations in order to save on energy costs. They’ve installed solar panels on many of their facilities to help reduce the cost of electricity and changed over to a fleet of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles for further savings. They even have the system set up to charge the cars with the solar panels.

Pasadena Community Foundation is proud to support an energy-smart organization like Union Station!

2013 Union Station Pasadena Logo