“We are building, nurturing, and expanding a healthy community”

Community Foundation Week gives the staff and stakeholders of Pasadena Community Foundation the opportunity to reflect on the increasingly important role that community foundations play in strengthening localities nationwide and helping residents thrive.

What has PCF’s role looked like here in Pasadena? PCF’s substantial grantmaking program supports local nonprofit agencies in addressing social issues like homelessness and food insecurity, uplifting the arts and students, invigorating environmental and racial equity initiatives, and fostering community and economic development. In numbers, this assistance will translate, by years’ end, to $2.7 million in grants to more than 100 local nonprofit organizations.

PCF has also continued to take a lead role in pandemic relief and is particularly proud of its partnership with the City of Pasadena in two projects: the citywide effort to distribute vaccines equitably and efficiently, and Micro-Business Grant Program, which ultimately assisted 59 locally- and minority-owned businesses keep their doors open.

For 68 years, the greater Pasadena area has had its own community foundation, and we have worked tirelessly to uplift our residents and support our area’s health, vitality, and beauty. Help Pasadena Community Foundation strengthen its work: Make a gift to PCF’s annual Friends & Fellows Campaign.