Fund Holder Portal Information

Welcome to Pasadena Community Foundation’s new Fund Holder Portal.

We are pleased to offer our fund holders the opportunity to access their fund information online, including processing grant requests and printing statements. The setup process is easy and fast. You will need to be able to retrieve an email in order to proceed, so please have your computer available when you are ready to begin, and let us know which email address you would like to use.

If you have already set up your login and password, you may proceed to the Portal login page by clicking the button above or by clicking here.

When you are ready to set up your online account, or if you need to reset your login or password, please call or email Dan or Lauren:

Dan Maljanian, Development Director          (626) 796-2097 x8

Lauren Le Ber, Development Associate         (626) 796-2097 x3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why should I set up my Fund Holder Portal account?

The portal is the fastest and most efficient way to manage your fund(s) at PCF. The portal is secure, and enables you to request a grant or print a statement at any time of day: even when PCF is closed for business.

What if I do not want to access my account online?

You are welcome to continue using our established system of paper or emailed grant requests, and if you would like a current statement, we will be happy to mail or email one to you during business hours. Use of the portal is not required.

Can I make wire transfers, stock donations or donations by check through the portal?

No, the portal cannot be used for wire transfers, stock or check donations. Those donations will still be processed via PCF’s bank account (wire transfer), Schwab account (stocks) or via mail (checks). For stock or wire transfer instructions, please contact Dan or Lauren at the phone numbers or emails listed above.

If you would like to make a donation to add money to your fund, or any fund at PCF, using a credit card, you may either use the portal or go through the PCF website without a portal login.  Any credit card processing fee will be charged to your fund, so you may wish to mail a check instead.

For information on setting up a charitable fund at PCF, please click here.