Harambee Ministries Makes Space to Build Community

For forty years, Harambee Ministries has worked tirelessly to foster community engagement and neighborhood connections in and around northwest Pasadena, where it is embedded as a trusted resource and gathering space for nearby residents. In October, the organization was selected as one of 24 local agencies to receive a PCF Capital Grant.

PCF’s funding will be used to renovate a space where four of Harambee’s key programs take place, all free and centered on supporting students’ success. In this large room, young people take advantage of afterschool and tutoring programs, the Summer Academy performing arts program, and Power Talk, a program dedicated to meaningful conversations with PUSD students that address their socio-emotional needs. The space also supports theme-based activities and holiday celebrations year ’round.

Harambee Ministries is known for bringing the community together with joyous celebrations.

Executive Director Angela Lee is grateful for the extra support to realize a longtime goal to expand Harambee’s mission and vision in the community. “Thanks to PCF’s funding, we are able to make long-overdue updates and improvements to our buildings that will help improve the quality of our programming. We hope to be able to utilize our updated space for tutoring, performing arts lessons, and staff collaboration. We are so thankful.”

Harambee, which in Kiswahili translates to “let’s get together and push,” is a rallying cry to bring the community together to address a problem.